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So be clear what their problem is and how you help solve it

You need to be clear about the problem(s) that people who need your help are having. This matters more than anything else. It’s the foundation of creating new opportunities because people in business rarely buy something unless they need to fix, improve or extend their business.

I help businesses focus on how they help, get found by people who need their help, and convert them into clients or customers. If that’s what you need, why not set up a call.

Creating a marketing action plan

Look at what you do, who you do it for and the type of people you want to engage. Who are your competitors and what is the competitive landscape? What problems do you solve or could you solve?

Planning and delivering the right content

What problems do your targets have? How are the problems manifested in their business? What are they prevented from doing (or doing well)? What types of content will be effective? What are people searching for, or discussing in social media around your topics? What content do we need in order to nurture interest so they become opportunities (further guides, case studies, testimonials)?

Developing an effective brand and identity

Content is fundamentally what helps people with their challenges, but having an effective brand and visual identity helps to support and reinforce (rather than undermine) your messages and communicate what type of business you are. Decisions are never solely rational, creating an effective brand identity gives all your activity a consistent look and feel and positions you appropriately.

Website focus, design and development

Planning for lead generation

Next, we need to get your business found online.

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