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What makes a good blog for lead generation?

They offer prospects value, and power your email, social media and SEO. Make sure you understand what makes a good blog for lead generation.


One founder’s journey to a billion-dollar valuation

Interesting read about Michael Acton Smith’s journey as founder of wellness app Calm.


It’s gone mainstream but how effective is content marketing?

The results from Hubspot’s third annual State of Content Marketing Survey reveal that half of marketing budgets are now spent on content. The overall message is that content marketing is now mainstream – but how effective is content marketing?


Is it time to look beyond the tech company?

For the last ten or so years, it seems that being a “tech company” has been a synonym for the most dynamic, innovation and (potentially) valuable of companies. However, it seems that we’ve now already reached “peak tech”.


Choosing the right words: why it matters

The challenge with words and communication is that what the receiver of your message ‘hears’ is more important that what you meant.


Focus and attention: Why Apple’s speakers talk for 10 minutes or less

You may associate Apple’s product launches with the sight and sound of Tim Cook these days he’s only a small part of their presentations. Why? Because Apple understand the realities of focus and attention.


Website navigation and marketing: Why less is definitely more

In marketing, like website navigation, less is definitely more. How focus and clarity pays off for your engagement with users, prospects and customers.


3 key types of content that creates engagement

It’s rare we warm to someone who only talks about me, me, me. So what are the types of content that create engagement?