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Nobody cares about your business, they care about their business

To create the opportunities your business needs to help it grow, we need to engage people who need your help. We’re all more time-poor than ever before. Nobody Make it clear how what you offer helps address the problems and challenges they face in their business.

I help businesses focus on how they help, get them found by people who need their help and convert them into clients or customers. If that’s what you need to do, set up a call.

It sounds harsh but you have to remember that nobody cares about your business. They care about their business. That thought is key to creating opportunities. They haven’t got time or headspace to consider engaging a new supplier just for the sake of it. However, they will be receptive to what you offer if – and when – they have a problem, challenge or need that you can help them fix. So, we have to think like your prospects and customers, and shape your marketing, messaging and content accordingly.

To help you do this, there’s a range of activities that I offer. All are focused on outcomes, creating action and making a difference quickly. It’s not about creating strategy documents and theorising, it’s about working back from the customer, thinking clearly, and checking our approach is robust, before getting on with the job of engaging new prospects.

First, we need to understand who you help and how you help them.

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