Helping leaders focus, get found and grow their business.

Here to help you grow

Hello. My name is Stephen Morris and I started Why Digital to help leaders make sense of their marketing and focus on what will grow their business.

Experience tells me that if you want to stand-out, create opportunities and grow, you need to do three key things.

  • Have a clear focus on what you do in terms of the problems you solve, who you do it for, why you do it and why they should choose you to help them.
  • Get found by people that need your help.
  • Use that clarity to create the content, proposition and evidence to create opportunities, convert them and grow your business.

Marketing & communications that sell

I’ve been working in digital marketing for two decades, but I began my career in direct marketing. It gave me a solid foundation in creating advertising, communications and marketing that engages and sells. I’ve spent time working in e-commerce and media planning too, which helped me understand that importance of single-minded focus and clarity to get your message across, to cut-through.

Even today, the answer isn’t always digital. It’s about having the right levers to help your business engage, nurture and convert pipeline.

B2B marketing focus

If you’re selling products, services, expertise or advice to businesses, it’s crucial to remember that people buy from people. They don’t spend money on solutions for the sake of it, they have to have a problem or an opportunity that they want to address.

Whatever the strategy, you always have to ask why first. Why do people need you? Why should they pay attention? Why should they believe us?

Thinking like an owner

I’ve worked with lots of large companies – like Barclays, Currys PC World, Ladbrokes. I’ve been lucky to work closely with people that thought and acted like owners, leaders who took responsibility for their organisation and understood the need for repeat business, referrals and new opportunities.

Now I work leaders of some of the UK’s fastest-growing smaller businesses, helping them to get found, stand out and grow. It isn’t about grand plans and strategy; it’s about purposeful action.

If you need to see more from your marketing, schedule a call.