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How to write copy that converts like crazy

March 27, 2015

A significant amount of content marketing is about copy. It plays a key role at each stage of the buying cycle from engaging to nurturing and converting. It needs to be detailed enough to provide value and assistance. It also needs to be simple enough to be digestible. In fact, reading it needs to be effortless. On top of that, it should have one eye on getting found via social media and organic search. So how can you write copy that converts?

Be clear and concise.

Use words that your target users understand. Imagine you are talking to a potential customer when you write. Remember that you’re not writing prose.

If you’re going to use an out-of-the-ordinary word make sure it’s with good reason. If you’re going to use lots of them, perhaps it’s time for a rewrite.

Keep sentences short. Don’t use more words than you have to.

Break up the page

Even though you’ve worked hard to write a great blog, 79% of readers just skim. We’re all busy and, let’s be honest, busy people who don’t have time to read every word on the page are more likely to be your target customer.

Use headings to tell the story and use bullet points to highlight the key points. Draw attention to your calls-to-action with bolding and clear buttons.

Know who you’re writing for

Remember that people don’t read blogs. But they do look for help and advice online. They’re receptive to ways of dealing with their pain points and problems. That’s what you need to focus on in your content.

Don’t overdo the SEO

Yes, you want to get found in Google but it’s more important that those who do find your content are able to read it and act on it. That means avoiding buzzwords and keyword stuffing – they’re likely to confuse your message.

Your job is to make it easy for readers to understand. Creating useful content that is shareable will do the key SEO job by gaining back links.

Pay attention to the details

Wording around calls to action like submit buttons is key. Take the time to use interesting words rather than ‘submit’. Pay attention to instruction text in your forms and don’t just use defaults.

Your headlines need to get to the point and stand out. They’re what’s likely to appear in social media and search results so try the occasional quirky wordplay or alluring alliteration but don’t obscure their meaning.

Test and experiment

Try different ways of writing headlines and calls-to-action. See what works and use A/B testing to see how alternative approaches convert for you.

Look at what other people in your space are doing and how other people are crafting their copy. Revise and optimise your copy. Don’t get stuck in one way of writing. Even when it’s working well, we always keep testing and try new things.

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