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Are skills the biggest blocker to digital success?

December 01, 2015

Over 40% of businesses report that recruiting staff with the right skills is a barrier to their digital success.

The finding is reported by Econsultancy in their research into organisational structures and digital leadership challenges. It now represents the largest single challenge identified by over 400 senior professionals.

Digital challenges

The report also shows that the top 5 issues look like this:

  1. Finding staff with suitable digital skills (40%)
  2. Focus on short-term revenue targets (39%)
  3. Difficulty joining up data (36%)
  4. Legacy systems and processes (35%)
  5. Senior management buy-in for investment in resourcing and training (27%)

Making sense of digital

The way I read the report is that 3 of the top 5 challenges show that many businesses are finding it hard to adjust to the challenges of digital – marketing, product management, communication and collaboration. Making sense of digital and making it deliver value is often about being able to mode switch between looking at the detail and seeing the big picture. Digital gives you much more feedback and opportunity to guide your execution but it’s important to maintain clarity in your strategy – even if you adjust it frequently.

You can read more about the report on econsultancy.com. To find out how you can get some clarity and alignment into your digital marketing, speak to Why Digital.