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3 telling social media customer experience statistics

May 16, 2015

Engaging prospects and responding to customers on social media helps to develop relationships. But are businesses making the most of the opportunity it provides?

Recent social media customer experience statistics from Sprinklr show that businesses may not be handling the challenge of social media as well as they could.

Only 8% of customers say they receive ‘superior experiences’

This shows a complete disconnect from the 80% of companies surveyed who believed they supply ‘superior experiences’ through social media.

Understanding how customers, prospects and the outside world experience your business via social media is relatively easy to achieve too. And when you understand it, you can act on it and put in place your response team.

How fast does a tweet or mention get a response? How well is the query handled? Can you give them the information they need or channel them to the right department effectively?

Only 17.6% of brands respond within 60 minutes

Customers expect a response to their social media contact within 60 minutes. They see social media as a dynamic, two-way channel. While only a handful of people might expect an immediate response, the vast majority expect that the account is monitored and that if the post something, the company notices.

The survey found that 21% of brands never responded to social media enquiries at all. This doesn’t just represent poor customer service. The challenge is that these enquiries are publicly visible. Negative comments can influence others. The survey found that negative comments tarnished a company’s reputation (in 26% of cases), cost them revenue (11%) and even lost them customers (15%).

Customers with positive social media customer experience are 3x more likely to recommend

The positive side of social media customer experience is that customers who have a good experience will reward the businesses that provide it.

Social media shares and amplifies the message and should be seen as an opportunity. Sprinklr’s research also found that customers who engage via social media spend between 20% and 40% more.

Social media customer experience statistics survey
Infographic via Hubspot and Sprinklr.