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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a targeted, more cost-effective way of generating leads and customers for your business. If your focus is generating opportunities and sales, you need to be getting found by the people who need your products and services, when they need them most.

Invest in content

By adopting an inbound marketing strategy for lead generation, you can take advantage of non-paid media and the power of social media and search. If you understand your target customers, their needs and/or frustrations, you can get your business found and engage with potential customers by publishing content – guides, tips, ideas – that helps them address their frustrations and needs.

Get found by potential customers

Traditional marketing and advertising focuses on how much you spend to generate reach and ‘share of voice’, looking to interrupt people as they are doing something else. Internet marketing strategy provides lower costs to entry and inbound marketing strategy is focused on providing content to those who specifically need your services at a time when they are actually in need.

Traditional marketing and advertising campaigns can be put together quickly – the focus is on simple messages distributed widely. Inbound marketing isn’t campaign-based and requires a little more planning to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the target customer, what their needs are and where they might look for answers. However, define a few core elements and your inbound marketing strategy can be up and running in days.