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Content Marketing Checklist: Are You Ready To Rock

January 15, 2015

Reading the marketing press, it seems that content marketing is fast becoming a hot topic. Organisations are increasingly aware of the benefits of having depth to their advertising and communications.

Content Marketing on the rise

British Gas recently announced a change to its strategy, shifting focus from pushing products to finding out how a content-led approach could support customer service objectives.

The Content Marketing Association has published research that reports that senior marketers understand its importance. Just over half of them indicated that they would be increasing their content marketing budget in 2014.

But is your organisation ready?

More and more businesses are aware of the value of content and how it can play a leading role engaging their prospects and customers. However, it’s not something that you can just turn on. Like a tap. Or advertising.

Of course, it’s possible move quickly and begin your Content Marketing journey. Content Marketing is about embedding the reality of your organisation in your marketing. Domain knowledge and experience, customer understanding, help and advice. These things are the currency of Content Marketing and it’s not difficult to see why making your content authentic might require a little planning and preparation.

  • Can you handle customer service queries via social media? Quickly?
  • Do you know which #hashtags are relevant to your business? How much use do they get?
  • Does your business have a blog? Does it publish more than just press releases?
  • Do you know who your 3 key marketing personas are? Have you already got content for them?
  • How much of your website traffic comes from search? Which pages are currently the best at bringing people to your site?
  • Do you know how much content you already have? And how it relates to your marketing personas?
  • Do you have a content management system that helps you produce, publish and distribute your content? Does it support team working?
  • Are you comfortable giving content away for free? Does that include your senior management?
  • Do you know what your competitors are doing online? How often and on which platforms?
  • Do people in your organisation say things like ‘We need to do a Content Marketing campaign’?
  • Having a clear answer to each of these questions gives you a solid foundation for Content
  • Marketing. Establishing a content-based business will give your communication value and authenticity. Value and authenticity will help engage and convert customers.
Need help shaping your Content Marketing as a sustainable and effective way of engaging and converting customers? Contact Why Digital today.

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