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Why you need to remove landing page navigation

January 09, 2014

Landing pages are a key part of the lead generation process but how streamlined do they need to be?

Along with irresistable content, landing pages are crucial for inbound marketing success. Once you’ve enticed a prospect with the offer an informative piece of content, we would always recommend removing any distracting or potentially confusing elements from the data capture form that closes the deal.

Just say no to landing page navigation

Whilst it’s always a recommendation we’d definitely make, Hubspot have just published the results of some quantitative research into whether you really need to remove landing page navigation.  Their A/B testing showed the difference in conversion rate for:

  • Version A: Control landing page with top navigation, footer navigation, and social media share links, versus
  • Version B: Removed all external links, including the top navigation, footer navigation, and social media share links

A/B landing page navigation test

Hubspot’s results showed little difference for top-of-funnel landing pages (eg. “free SEO template”) but up to 28% uplift for landing pages that indicated the user was further down the sales cycle – for the “free trial” and “demo” landing pages.

Doing everything possible to capture ‘warmer’ prospects and convert them seems like a no-brainer to us. Certainly, it’s enough evidence to overcome IT or web developer’s reluctance to customise your website templates.

Read the full article and see the full results over on Hubspot’s site.

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