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Do people really read blogs?

Is there any point in businesses blogging? Why would anyone read your blog?


Social media image sizes guide

Preparing visual content is key when using social media. 63% of social media updates now include visual content so images are often key to standing out.


Facebook tweak filters fake stories

Facebook constantly conducts a myriad of experiments into how it delivers content to users. Like all experiments, they can have unintended consequences.


Content Marketing Checklist: Are You Ready To Rock

Reading the marketing press, it seems that content marketing is fast becoming a hot topic.


Good responsive design scales up (as well as down)

Most people agree that website should work on small screens – but what happens when your site ‘goes large’?


Why you need to remove landing page navigation

Landing pages are a key part of the lead generation process but how streamlined do they need to be?


What does ‘keyword not provided’ mean for SEO?

The vast majority of search terms used to drive traffic to a website are invisible to site owners – is it the end for SEO?


What is content marketing? How does it create leads?

It could be said that content should be seen as fundamental to all marketing – but what is content marketing exactly?</span? People are subject to so much marketing noise that having some substance is essential to building relationships. Building B2B relationships and creating opportunities is definitely all about content. But what is content marketing? Content […]